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All Local Package International Package Hotels Airfare
P2,999.00 P5,753.00
P2,999.00 P5,647.00
P2,999.00 P4,659.00
P2,999.00 P4,788.00
P1,999.00 P3,569.00
P1,700.00 P2,589.00
P1,900.00 P3,199.00
P3,999.00 P5,648.00
P18,300.00 P21,153.00
P151,521.48 P152,637.10
P2,800.00 P3,487.00
P4,770.00 P5,682.00
P3,650.00 P4,291.00
P6,630.00 P8,142.00
P3,600.00 P5,132.00
P12,000.00 P15,343.00
P5,575.00 P7,546.00
P27,500.00 P29,794.00
P35,245.00 P39,639.00
P2,900.00 P4,368.00